Xi'an is where the chinese people develop their culture
Xi'an has the history every chinese feel proud and precious
Xi'an has the gene on Chinese people
This, is Xi'an
Impression of Xi’an

Xi’an is not only the cultural heritage of Shaanxi province, but also China, and to the world.

The website impression of Xi’an does not contain many words; I want to express my thoughts through pictures. I want to describe five-thousand-year Chinese history through pictures. I hope people get to know more about China and Xi’an city.

The website integrates history, culture, arts, technology, technology, education, humanities, cities, people, tourism, folk arts, and landscape of China.

Every picture goes with background music, giving better idea of Xi’an to readers. It will be a bit slow to open our site, please be patient and turn on your audio to enjoy it.

My blood never stopped burning these days, for I had an idea on my mind, a clear picture popped up in my mind—to establish the website of Impression of Xi’an.

I uploaded pictures on one famous online community the other day, and quite by chance, other net citizens had good feedback to my pictures. Many of them think Xi’an is very beautiful, an ancient city with magnificent historical buildings. One of the net citizens even left a message online: I really want to visit Xi’an after I saw your beautiful pictures. I will buy a ticket to Xi’an tomorrow. I could not sleep after I saw the remark. Impression of Xi’an will be a non-beneficial site, Integrating history, culture, arts, technology, education, humanities, cities, people, tourism, folk arts, and landscape of China.

How shall I express my thoughts about Impression of Xi’an? According to the
Archaeological research, either Chinese people who use hieroglyph or other people who use phonetics characters, they all have the history of using hieroglyph (it was recorded in the Chinese ancient books that the shapes of Chinese characters look like the shape of the named object). For example, “the Chinese character “mountain” expresses the height of mountain, “water” expresses the flow, and “animals” express their motions.? This was the beginning when Chinese character developed its form, conveying its meanings.” As is known to all Chinese, human-beings established splendid visual culture in pre-historical times, such as cave painting, totem worship, witch, dancing, all kinds of ritual and hieroglyph. Since human-beings enter the era of civilized society, our mind and our thinking developed as well. Human-beings had developed their own abstract characters since they had said goodbye to the previous visual culture.
Picture s will go beyond the boundary of countries, making more people to get to know more about Xi’an city and China.

My first idea is to express Xi’an—capital of 13 dynasties through my pictures. After long-time photo shooting around the historical sites and villages nearby Xi’an, I had deeper understanding of the traditional culture of the ancient city and its lovely people. I felt a strong commitment to express my feelings about Xi’an, my commitment to introduce Xi’an to the world. Through this website, I hope more and more Chinese or foreigners can understand the deep culture of Xi’an. The site impression of Xi’an contains not many pictures, it talks through pictures. I would like to introduce the five-thousand-year Chinese history through pictures. Xi’an is now at the turning point of big changes, and the changes would be amazing from now on. It would be meaningful to take a record of the history through pictures

My site www.yncoo.org has opened with my friends support since 7th October, 2005. Then millions of people paid close attention to my site, more than 1,000 websites transferred my photos to their sites, and through this website people know more about Xi’an. I am busy at work, and only took my limited spare time to take photos. I haven’t rest a bit from the beginning when I wanted to developed this site until now, almost 12 months. Sometimes I have no idea when I was working and when I was taking a rest. I felt tired and not enough energy to carry on my job, and I met setbacks. The support and engorgement from my friends on the internet provided me enough confidence to continue my efforts on this site.
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